Bridge over troubled water

Not quite Simon & Garfunkel but a bridge all the same – over a gulley in Badock’s Wood (if you’re not sure of the location of Badock’s Wood, then look on the Friends of Badock’s Wood website –

The new bridge was funded from our Neighbourhood Partnership’s “Wellbeing Fund” and the expenditure was sanctioned at last June’s NP Meeting.

There was an urgent need to build this bridge as the existing culvert, under a woodland path, had suffered from continual blockages since its construction about 10 years ago. As a consequence of these blockages, the water that was supposed to be channelled through the culvert over-spilled and eroded the path. The steel culvert itself was also being exposed and presented a trip hazard for the unwary.

The path could have been repaired but the erosion problem would have returned as long as the underlying drainage problem remained unchecked. The adoption of a new bridge over an open channel was seen as a permanent and visually pleasing solution to the problem.


To really appreciate the effectiveness of the new bridge, one has to visit the site during heavy rain, as the only source of water flowing under the bridge emanates from the hard surfaces (car park and roof) of the David Lloyd gym on Greystoke Avenue.

This is just one example of where funding from the NP’s Wellbeing Fund has been put to good and effective use.

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