‘Know Your Place’

A wealth of maps, charting historic Bristol, are now available to explore on-line following the launch of a new website by Bristol City Council on 16th March.

The site will provide access to many of the old maps held at Bristol Record Office and the information in the Historic Environment Record (HER) which is the primary source for all information relating to the city’s history and archaeology.

This will not only contribute to the HER but will also, through the HER, directly inform planning policy decisions, help to map heritage assets across the city and generally assist with the management of Bristol’s historic environment.

The new resource, which has been developed in partnership with local groups and funding from English Heritage, will enable users to explore the city and their neighbourhoods as well as add images and information of their own.

The website will include Tithe Maps, which date to the mid-nineteenth century, as well as early Ordnance Survey maps. These maps are linked to modern charts and other historic information including some images from the Braikenridge Collection of early nineteenth century illustrations held at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

Councillor Anthony Negus, Cabinet Member for Strategic Housing and Regeneration, said: “We hope that the ‘Know Your Place’ website will become an essential tool to help individuals, communities, developers, design professionals and students to develop a deeper understanding of our city and how it has evolved over the centuries.

“A key aspect will be the ability of community groups to contribute to this living on-line resource as it develops. We are very grateful for the considerable interest and input from community groups across the city which has enabled this project to go ahead.

“Know Your Place is part of a wider initiative by the City Design team to promote good urban design throughout the city, not just in conservation areas.

“Bristol has a rich and diverse environment and its historic buildings, parks and open spaces, topography and harbour combine to create a distinctive city. These aspects are highly valued by our communities and make our city a place where people want to visit, work, learn and invest in.”

Go on, have a look:  www.bristol.gov.uk/knowyourplace  and start playing!


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