Area Green Space Plans

Some of you will remember that last year there was a consultation on the Area Green Space Plans, which are part of the Council’s Parks & Green Spaces Strategy (P&GSS). There were two parts to the plans, the bit that got all the press coverage was the proposal to sell off less than 3% of Bristol’s publicly accessible green space over the next 20 years and to invest 70% of the proceeds in improvements to the other spaces.

This idea came about both because of the poor state of Bristol’s parks after 20 years of under-investment and because of the need to find space in Bristol for more houses, which would reduce the need to build on Green Belt land around the City. The political arguments about the sell-off are still going on.

The other part of the plan (which is more important for our NP’s green spaces such as Badock’s Wood LNR, Sneed Park Nature Reserve, Stoke Lodge and Quarry Park, for example) is to decide where money from Section 106 contributions (money from developers), government or Lottery grants and from any land sales will be spent and what it will be spent on.

For example, should the priority be to upgrade facilities at Badock’s Wood or Sneed Park or Quarry Park or somewhere else? The Council has decreed that Neighbourhood Partnerships should decide on spending priorities in their areas, based on the results of the consultation and the views of local people. In our area, the Neighbourhood Partnership Environmental Sub-group will be taking the lead on this and will be making recommendations to the full Partnership, probably at the meeting in September. You can find out more about the P&GSS on the Bristol Parks Forum website at and the Area Green Space Plan ideas and options can still be downloaded from

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