New Planning Application in Avon Way, Stoke Bishop

Recent planning application:

The Stoke Bishop Residents’ Planning Group draws the attention of local residents in the Stoke Bishop ward  to the following recent planning application lodged with Bristol City Council:

Planning Application 12/03493/F

Erection of two detached and two semi detached dwellings on land to the rear of 21 – 31 Avon Way with associated soft and hard landscaping . Demolition of 25 Avon Way to provide access from Avon Way.

This site was formerly a tennis court and a planning application for a development of up to five dwellings was turned down in March this year mainly because the access proposed was a narrow seventy yard lane. Access now proposed is by way of demolition of a surrounding property, 25 Avon Way, which will allow a new road to be constructed.

This application has not been discussed at previous ward Forum meetings.

Details of planning applications can be accessed online at:


Local residents can make their own comments on this application, but if they would like to liaise with the Residents’ Planning Group over it, instead or as well, they should contact the Group’s joint convenor, Roger Gamlin (

Tony Hoare

Chair, Stoke Bishop Neighbourhood Forum

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