Local Sustainable Transport (LST) Grants – Update

The availability of Local Sustainable Transport Grants was announced at the NP Meeting last June. In essence, £1m was being made available from the Council’s “Invest in Bristol” package (“Round 1”) with additional funding from Central Government (“Round 2”). The latter included the recently announced City-wide 20mph speed limit that would be rolled-out across the City, to an agreed Plan. The streets to be included (or excluded) would form the basis of local consultations and agreement/endorsement by the Neighbourhood Partnerships. Full deatils can be seen here: 20mph Scheme Roll-out Proposals

The first round of funding, principally for Highway Infrastructure Schemes, opened in June and closed at the end of July. The second round (£1m for community projects) will open next January and close in March. Full details and background information can be seen here: LSTF Grant Applications

The following bids for Capital funding for “Infrastructure Schemes” (under Round 1) were submitted by the NP’s Transport Working Group:

  1. H114 – Northumbria Drive, Waitrose car park entrance (£25k)
  2. H117 – Henleaze Road/Northumbria Drive, mini-roundabout (£25k)
  3. H118 – Park Grove, pavement build-outs at Henleaze Junior & Infants schools (£20k)
  4. W109 – Eastfield Road (near top of Waters Lane), pavement build-outs and crossing improvements (£7k)
  5. W112 – Stoke Lane (and some adjacent roads), parking restrictions etc (£4k)
  6. W117 – Southmead Road (near Alexandra Road), new Zebra Crossing (jointly proposed with NP4) (£20k)

In addition, schemes for the Capital Works recommended in BCC’s “Falcondale Road Traffic Signals Report” (Falcondale Road Traffic Signals Report), commissioned by the NP in March 2011 and published in June 2012, were also submitted:

  1. W122 – Upgrade to the use of digital phone lines (£2k)
  2. W123 – Connect traffic lights to the Council’s private BNET fibre network (£30k – £50k)
  3. W124 – Install traffic cameras on BNET system (£20k) but dependant on BNET installation (W123)
  4. W125 – Introduce a “Clearway” during peak hours (£10k)
  5. W126 – Improve capacity of Stoke Lane Junction (£25k)

However, it should be noted that the 6th and “Final Phase” of any improvements on Falcondale Road would be designed to increase the capacity of the Henbury Road junction at a cost of £200k. This would be funded from the Council’s capital budget, probably within the next 5 years.

In addition to the 11 Schemes listed above, additional bids were made by the Westbury Safer Routes to School Group for pedestrian safety measures plus additional traffic calming in Chock Lane and by the 4 Councillors for Henleaze and Redland for a new Zebra Crossing on Coldharbour Road.

Schemes totalling £5m were submitted from across all 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships, for a share of the £1m fund and results from the bidding process were announced in early October.

Of the 13 bids submitted through our Neighbourhood Partnership, only 3 were successful: the pavement build-outs in Park Grove (H118), parking restrictions in Stoke Lane, subject to consultation (W112) and the Zebra Crossing on Coldharbour Road.

All 5 bids for improvements on Falcondale Road were rejected as they “are signalling schemes and will increase traffic flows, potentially encouraging greater car use” – quote from the LST Project Support Officer.

Full results, for all 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships, can be seen in this BCC document: LST (HIRS) Grants – Results

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