Flooding of Phoenix Grove Footpath

Local residents in Henleaze, who regularly use the footpath between Phoenix Grove and Henleaze Park, will be aware that flooding of this footpath has been a perennial problem for many years.


Concerned residents had tried, in vain, to persuade the Council to sort out the problem but no one particular Council Department appeared to want to take responsibility for sorting out the problem. Therefore, about a year ago, Members of the local Neighbourhood Partnership decided that enough was enough and successfully applied for a grant from the NP’s Local Community Small Grant fund to investigate and resolve the problem.

To cut a long story short, remedial works were instituted in mid-2012 and a new French Drain was constructed. This did not entirely fix the problem but further work to connect the drainage gullies into the local drainage system may, at last, have provided a permanent solution to the flooding problem.

At times, flooding of the footpath had been exacerbated by surface water run-off from the adjacent playing field, when the ground was saturated and the drain in the field was either blocked or overwhelmed with surface water. As part of the remedial works, the drain in the playing field was cleared and a concrete surround added to improve maintenance.

Please view this short video clip of the surface water draining from the playing field into the drain. Observant viewers will note that a drain cover has now been added – courtesy of Tesco! Video clip:

Let us hope that this long drawn-out flooding saga has reached a satisfactory permanent solution.

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