Stoke bishop Neighbourhood Forum – Jan. 23rd, 2013

NF Agenda Jan 2013 (WORD – 2007)

NF Agenda Jan 2013 (PDF)

Stoke Bishop Neighbourhood Forum 7.00pm Wednesday 23rd January 2013        Stoke Bishop Primary School, Cedar Park

Chair: Tony Hoare

 Welcome and Introductions

Annual Elections at May Forum                                                 (5 mins)

 Updates from previous Neighbourhood Forum and Partnership meetings                                                                             (10 mins)

School catchments, crime statistics, youth issues                                                                               

Local Developments and Projects (updates)

Trees issues  – report from Stephanie French (Stoke Bishop ward Tree Champion)                                                                         (10 mins)

Local Planning Issues – Roger Gamlin Co-convenor, Stoke Bishop Residents’ Planning Group – including Hiatt Baker, former Dairy Crest site, Trymwood Parade, Avon Way, plus other issues raised by residents     ( 20 mins)

Stoke Lodge Playground  and TVG application progress – David Mayer)                                                                                                  (10 mins)


Feedback and Priorities  

Brief feedback from NP Working Groups                                   (5 mins)

Police feedback – survey/Intelligence –                             (15 mins)

Local safety issues –  Cheryl Hudson, the Community Safety Officer

(10 mins) 

New community actions and priorities                            (10 mins)

A.O.B                                                                              (5 mins)

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