Plans for 18 new residents’ parking zones (RPZs) in the city

Back in March, mayor George Ferguson revealed plans to introduce 18 residents’ parking zones to cover most of the city, see map: Proposed RPZs, March 2013 . Mr Ferguson is hoping to introduce the new zones by September next year.

3 RPZs have already been introduced in Kingsdown, Redcliffe and Cotham and a fourth is currently being considered for Easton and St Philip’s.

The current RPZs caused widespread controversy before they were introduced (especially in Kingsdown) and have caused a ripple effect on commuter parking in adjoining suburbs. As commuters have been banned from parking all day in the current zones, they have been forced to find somewhere to park in side-streets further afield. The problem has been particularly bad in Redland.

The Westbury Park Community Association’s Traffic Group is also less than enthusiastic about the RPZ proposed for their area of the City and feel that they are being side-lined in the current consultation process. Cllr Fi Hance (Redland) has commented that she is expecting the whole scheme to be implemented and residents should concentrate on the local implementation details.

The WPCA’s Traffic Group have written to Mayor Ferguson expressing their concerns: Letter to George Ferguson from WPCA

The whole issue of RPZs for Westbury Park, and its surrounding area, is on the Agenda for the forthcoming Henleaze Neighbourhood Forum at Henleaze Library on Thursday 16 May (6.30 – 9.00pm).

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