Update – City-wide 20mph Rollout Scheme

All three of the Partnership’s last Neighbourhood Forums, held in May, were in near-unanimous agreement that all existing ‘A’ and ‘B’ arterial roads should retain their current 30mph status. The Stoke Bishop Forum also highlighted several other roads which they thought should be retained at 30mph (including Stoke Road and Stoke Hill). The 20mph Rollout Team agreed to take due cognisance of these views when compiling their formal proposals.

The 20mph Rollout Team have prepared a Report for presentation to the next Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting on 26 September and their Report (Agenda Item 10) for the Phase 3 Area (which includes our NP) can be seen here: 20mph Rollout – proposals for Phase 3

The map (page 5 of the Report) identifies the proposed excluded roads (ie those to retain their current speed limits) and these are shown in red. The roads highlighted in green are where the existing road layout could encourage slightly faster speeds but with treatments (such as roundels, altering the white lining, marking parking bays, VAS (Vehicle Activated Signs) etc) 20mph compliance could be achieved.

The map included in the Report will be advertised on the Council’s website to provide an opportunity for people to comment on the proposal before it is taken forward to the legal process. Once the informal consultation is closed and comments have been considered the final version of the proposal will form the basis of the Speed Limit Order (SLO).

A formal consultation period is required as part of the SLO process and planned for early next year where residents will have a further opportunity to register their comments. The proposal will be advertised in the local area, in the local press, at local libraries, through the NPs and also on the Council’s website.

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