Update – Greater Bristol Bus Network (GBBN)

The debate has continued as to the efficacy of the new GBBN bus lane on the approach to the White Tree Roundabout. The topic was debated at the Full Council Meeting last January, when Council was asked to consider a Petition (sponsored by Cllr Geoff Gollop), which had collected more than 3,500 signatures. The Petition highlighted, inter alia, that “there is a real and obvious need to scrap or redesign this particular route”. The outcome was that Council referred the matter to the Mayor and, to date, the Mayor has yet to pronounce on this issue.

As a consequence of the Mayor’s indecision, the main strategy advocated by many local residents and the NP’s Transport Working Group – that the remnant section of the bus lane should be removed completely – has not yet been addressed.

To all intents and purposes, the GBBN project was completed when the capital works were finished late last year and for any on-going issues, such as the Westbury Road bus lane, there is a budget for any amendments that may be required. Any changes will be the responsibility of the Highways Area Manager, in association with the Passenger Transport Group – as they are the budget holders.

With specific regard to the Westbury Road situation, a review of the operation of the bus lane will be undertaken this autumn and no decision is likely to be reached on its future without the information that this review and traffic surveys will provide. An independent post-Scheme Safety Audit was undertaken last year, for the whole A4018 corridor, and remedial action was carried out where necessary.

A copy of the independent Safety Audit Report  can be seen here: GBBN White Ladies Road Safety Audit . The GBBN Project Manager’s response can be seen here: GBBN exception report, White Ladies Road and its subsequent Addendum can be seen here: GBBN exception report, White Ladies Road addendum

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