20mph Rollout: Phase 3 Implementation – September 2014

The formal consultation for rolling out the Council’s 20mph scheme across our Neighbourhood Partnership area was included in Phase 3, which closed last May. The proposals were then modified to form the basis of the requisite Speed Limit Order (SLO). Major changes included the adoption of additional 20mph restrictions for sections of Stoke Lane, Parry’s Lane and Coombe Lane but retention of 30mph on Stoke Road. The scheme becomes operative from 26 September 2014 (ie the “effective date”). 

Full details are given on the BCC website: 20mph Rollout Programme  which includes a map, reproduced here as a pdf: Phase 3: 20mph Roads

In short, the new 20mph signs are non-enforceable until the 26 September and 30mph remains the legal limit until then. Apparently, the Council don’t have enough resources to temporally cover up the signs and then uncover them all on the “effective date”!

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7 Responses to 20mph Rollout: Phase 3 Implementation – September 2014

  1. maurice husbands says:

    Have you any idea when the scheme will be reviewed and how. If not achieving its objectives can / will scheme be scrapped? And more pro-active solutions to speeding traffic be introduced.

  2. maurice husbands says:

    I await a response from someone, sometime.

    • Alan Aburrow says:

      The Council’s 20mph Rollout Team have confirmed that “the scheme will be monitored once it is in operation and a report will be produced showing the results of the project. This will be used to review each area and see what action may be required to improve the situation. The monitoring will be carried out over the next few years to see the effects of the new speed limit.”

  3. David Windebank says:

    The new 20 mile per hour speed limit is utter madness. You have to have one eye on the speedometer and the other eye on the cyclists overtaking on the inside. And how much has it all cost. Surely what must be a huge amount of money could have been put to much better use.

  4. Eric White says:

    I totally agree with the comments by Mr David Windebank and can but hope that enough people make this point to persuade those who make these decisions to reconsider.

  5. Nicholas Wright says:

    I completely agree with Mr White and Mr Windebank, having already been undertaken by a cyclist. This futile limit is a scandalous waste of public money and, as with the 30mph limit, be useless unless yet more money (which we don’t have) is poured into policing it. The mind boggles at the thought of what inane schemes might be conjured up next.

  6. R.E.WHITE says:

    Yet another nonsense from the local authority.I have been driving for fifty years and I have an unblemished licence but if this twenty mph is adhered to I think most of us will lose the will to live.If you want to get somewhere it may be better to book a sedan chair.

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