The Downs & Sneyd Park – Proposed Parking Restrictions

The City Council have just gone out to public consultation with a proposed parking restriction scheme for The Downs and Sneyd Park. 

Letters have gone out to residents in Sneyd Park, posters will be going up on The Downs and plans are in the Henleaze and Redland libraries. The scheme is live on the consultation website at: 

The scheme originated from requests by the Henleaze, Stoke Bishop and Westbury on Trym Neighbourhood Partnership (NP3) and The Downs Committee. If you have any comments, please send them to  by 21 September, or to the postal address given on the website.

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6 Responses to The Downs & Sneyd Park – Proposed Parking Restrictions

  1. Caroline plessier says:

    It is difficult enough to park in Ivywell road without parking restrictions being placed on roads directly connected. The Downs should be accessible without parking restrictions for everyone. It is a conservation area and parking signs all over the place would just be unfriendly and spoil the atmosphere of the downs. The congestion is caused at weekends by people parking on both sides of the road on Rockleaze rd. this can be easily overcome by painting double yellow lines on the grass side of the downs. The residents need to be able to park outside or near to their homes to unload shopping and kids. The majority of the houses on Rockleaze and Ivywell road have been converted into flats and most buildings can have anything between 4 and 8 vehicles that need to be parked. Placing restrictions on this during the day would cause this to be a big issue and between 9-5 on a weekday is not actually the problem. The downs is busiest at weekends and the solution to only allow parking on one side would totally resolve the congestion of traffic trying to pass. There are no regular commuters parking on Rockleaze or around the horseshoe area if the downs. You only have to look at this to see that in the week there are very few cars about. I believe that the commuters mainly park stoke road/lane by the downs cafe and water tower. The proposals are pointless and will not achieve what they are proposing. If someone from the council observes the situation in the week and at weekends they would quickly see that it us the weekend parking on both sides that is in fact the issue.

    • Alan Aburrow says:

      Yes, I hear what you say but your concerns should be addressed directly to BCC, via their feedback portal, as detailed above. It is the groundswell of collective public opinion (“Democracy”?) that will result in any changes, prior to implementation.

      In fairness, I don’t think that the potential problems of all-day parking that will arise from cars displaced by adjacent Residents Parking Schemes are fully appreciated by local residents in the areas covered by the proposals.

  2. Sue Alway says:

    As it states that this scheme originated from requests by the Henleaze, Stoke Bishop and Westbury on Trym Neighbourhood Partnership (NP3) and The Downs Committee, I am surprised that the NP3 Neighbourhood Partnership has not made more effort to publicise this consultation more widely as this will impact a lot of people who will not have been made aware of it by the communication methods stated.

    Couldn’t the various Neighbourhood Watch groups have been asked to circulate details and a poster inserted on the notice board at the bottom of Stoke Hill. Although it does not mention it, First Bus are threatening to re-route the 40 service to miss out Sneyd Park again if adequate parking changes are not made and their statement entitled Residents Urged to Take Part in Sneyd Park Consulation at
    states that “While the company welcomes the consultation, it fears though that the proposed parking restrictions do not address the core issues. As a result it is encouraging local people – who care about the routing of Service 40/40A through Downleaze and Julian Road – to make their voices heard once again”

    • Gay Huggins says:

      This is why it is important to attend the Neighbourhood Partnership Open Forums which are held at Stoke Bishop Primary School 3 times a year. Full details are always put on the notice board.

    • Alan Aburrow says:

      Thanks for your comments/observations.

      All I can say in mitigation is that I believe the Council have bent over backwards to advertise the Consultation as widely as possible.

      In addition to the “usual” notifications on the Council’s website and local libraries, more than 500 individual letters were sent out to Stoke Bishop residents who would potentially be affected by the proposals and at least 30 notices were posted on local lamp posts.

      Of course, local residents (and First Bus) are at liberty to cascade the information to whoever and by whatever medium they so choose.

  3. Mark Baker says:

    The parking restrictions as currently drafted would do NOTHING to address weekend parking at all when football or activities take place on the Downs.

    The parking restrictions would have a 4 hour limit which could cause drivers to relocate elsewhere. They cannot park in Clifton or Redland so the logic would be Sneyd Park.

    I fear that this will then cause Sneyd Park to then be the next residents parking zone area.

    As Gay and Alan have said the NP have been proactive in this. I fear that First Group will ultimately do whatever is best for the company irrespective of parking. I would not want widespread parking changes to assauge them if ultimately they withdraw the service in any event

    Mark Baker Stoke Bishop NP Rep

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