The Downs & Sneyd Park – Proposed Parking Restrictions: Update

The Public Consultation on proposals to introduce double yellow lines, single yellow lines, 4 hour limited waiting and disabled bays on the Downs took place between 18 August and 21 September 2014. This followed a request from the Henleaze, Stoke Bishop and Westbury on Trym Neighbourhood Partnership to review parking restrictions on local residential roads, requests from First Bus to improve the running of the number 40 bus route (which had been previously withdrawn) and concerns from the Downs Committee that all day commuter parking was limiting visitor parking on the Downs. 

The consultation generated over 200 responses; many with detailed suggestions as to what measures would best address the various issues. Where possible these have been incorporated into the scheme.  

Some concerns were raised that the hours of operation did not cover the peak periods on a Saturday and early evening mid-week when football related parking caused concern. Passing places have been provided on Stoke Road to deal with this and First Bus didn’t have any concerns at this time of day, as traffic volumes were lower. 

Roman Road is part of the National Cycle Network and Number 40 bus route and the police felt the current timed ‘No Entry’ was unenforceable. Requests were received to close this road to all traffic except buses and cycles which would make cycling more pleasant and slightly improve bus journey times. 

Requests were received to limit parking on Circular Road to one side only to ease the movement of vehicles. This would improve cycle safety, reduce the number of parking restriction signs and stop the erosion caused by vehicles parking partially on the grass. 

Proposed changes to scheme design: 

  • Double yellow lines full extent of the Downs side of Downleaze (Stoke Road to Julian Road) to assist number 40 bus route.
  • No restrictions on residential side of Downleaze (Stoke Road to Julian Road) to assist local residents.
  • Limited restrictions on Rockleaze with just a short section of double yellow lines on the Downs side to create a passing point for the tour bus and other larger vehicles.
  • Some minor changes to the proposals in Sneyd Park to maintain junction protection and address some localised issues raised.
  • Double yellow lines extended on Stoke Road to increase passing places for buses outside of hours of operation of single yellow lines.
  • Disabled bays added on Stoke Road by public toilet.
  • Coach Parking to be added to Parry’s Lane.
  • Close Roman Road to all traffic except buses and cycles
  • Double yellow lines along full extent of Downs side of Circular Road.  

The original consultation plans can still be viewed at


The adjacent RPS areas are likely to become operational around May 2015, therefore these restrictions will be prepared for Statutory Advertisement as soon as possible to limit the potential adverse parking impact on the Downs. 

Full details of the Statutory Advertisement will be available in due course at: at which point opportunities for further comment will be possible.

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2 Responses to The Downs & Sneyd Park – Proposed Parking Restrictions: Update

  1. Peter Weeks says:

    The proposed parking restrictions on the Downs are welcome. However I wonder if all the people who live in the areas North of the Downs have been consulted? I’m thinking of people in Lawrence Weston, Shirehampton, Sea Mills and Avonmouth, as well as Stoke Bishop/Sneyd Park. For these people Stoke Road across the Downs is their main access route into the city whether by car, the bus, bicycle or motorbike.

    Stoke Road is first and foremost a road and an important one, not a car park for weekday commuters. Whenever Stoke Rd is congested (as it often is) by parked cars on both sides, then many people from North Bristol – I’m thinking of bus passengers on the No 40 bus in particular – get delayed. Has their voice been heard in the consultation?

    Many of us go across the Downs 3 or 4 times every day. Keep the traffic moving along Stoke Road please. A road is primarily a road, not a linear car park.

  2. Gay Huggins says:

    Are one of your Ward reps, we have arranged for Peter Mann to come to the Open Forum on the 3rd February, 7pm, Stoke Bishop Primary School, to answer questions and I am sure this will be discussed, so come along and join in the open discussion, or send your question to Alan Preece (Ward rep) before the 30th January.

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