Westbury-on-Trym Parking Review – Updated

For the benefit of all visitors to this website, I’m pleased to advise you both that BCC has initiated a review of the Parking restrictions in the central area of Westbury-on-Trym.

Funding for this Review and its eventual implementation was sanctioned by the Neighbourhood Partnership in June 2014. A copy of the consultation document – which has received widespread door-to-door distribution within the consultation area –  can be seen here: Westbury Parking Review and a full Overview is available on the Council’s website.

Parking issues already raised through the NP’s Transport Working Group are summarised here: Parking Issues WoT and these will be included in the current Review.

At this stage the Council is NOT considering the introduction of Residents’ Parking Schemes. All comments and suggestions should be submitted to BCC’s Traffic Management Group before the Consultation’s closing deadline, which has now been extended by 2 weeks to Sunday 9 August 2015. Contact details are given in both the Westbury Parking Review and the Overview.

Any issues that are raised will be considered and, if acceptable, will be incorporated into a proposal for a Formal Scheme later this year – before undertaking any statutory consultation process.

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3 Responses to Westbury-on-Trym Parking Review – Updated

  1. Sally Wilkinson says:

    My concern about parking restrictions in central Westbury is that it simply pushes the issue elsewhere. I live in Priory Avenue and we already have a problem with folk parking all day because they work in town or in Westbury or are pupils of Red Maids School. It is increasingly difficult to reverse off our narrow 1939 drive. Priory Avenue is used as a rat run between Westbury and Henleaze and people do not stick to the 20mph limit
    We need an attractive efficient transport system and not yellow lines.

  2. Since making the road loading only along by W-O-T P. O. There’s still parking by postal vans and those that can run in & out of P.O. The disabled used to park. There there is not one disabled parking bay in W-O-T only in the car park by Drs. Most days cars not disabled park on the double yellows on the zig zags and even on the crossing it’s self.

    Out side the P.O. In Henleaze the disabled bay taken away yes one around the corner even there for some a Lengthy distance to walk.

    Bristol seems intent on giving less spaces for disabled and more for those that can walk shame on the council for this.

  3. Keith Jenkins says:

    The location a the zebra crossing outside Barclays Bank is a traffic bottle neck and a danger as many many pedestrian who walk onto it with no indication what so ever that that are about to do so, pedestrian lights should be considered.

    The zig zag markings outside the other bank are not enforced and constantly ignored.

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