Park Grove, Henleaze – Proposed Pedestrian Improvements

BCC has initiated a consultation on proposals for a scheme to improve pedestrian facilities in the Park Grove area of Henleaze – near the three local schools.

Changes are proposed to the junction of Park Grove/Hill View and Park Grove/Springfield Grove. These include introducing a raised speed table, reducing the size of the junctions and making the southern end of Park Grove ‘No Entry’ for all vehicles except bicycles from Springfield Grove.

More details can be found in the Consultation leaflet

This consultation gives the opportunity for local residents to comment on the proposals and help shape the final design.

All comments and suggestions should be submitted to BCC’s Traffic Management Group before the Consultation’s closing deadline of Sunday 11 October 2015.  Contact details are given in the Consultation leaflet

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2 Responses to Park Grove, Henleaze – Proposed Pedestrian Improvements

  1. Marc and Jane Jackson says:

    Agenda item:
    We are opposed to the proposal under consultation, at the southern end of Park Grove. There are no traffic problems at all during school holiday times or weekends, the issues which this proposal is purporting to address are evident only at school start and end and are caused by the number of parents who insist on driving. Parents need to be encouraged to walk their children to school as they are local families.
    We are facing an obesity epidemic with children not getting enough exercise, surely we should be getting children and parents out of their cars, which would also reduce the pollution levels.
    Most schools have a walking bus to prevent traffic issues and pollution around our schools, Henleaze doesn’t appear to have one.
    Due to parking, Howard Rd, Russell Grove and Cairns Road are very narrow and become single lane most of the time so residents of the southern end of Park Grove and the northern end of Howard rd very obviously come in via Henley Grove or Springfield, if the proposal is passed these residents will be forced down very narrow roads to get to their homes, causing increased pollution, noise and frustration.
    I would suggest that a good deal of research be done at this junction before unnecessary costs are borne by the tax payer.

  2. Jack and Ina Humphreys says:


    As a local resident and motorist (Russell Grove), I’m writing to welcome the proposals. I drive along the Park Grove short-cut several times a week, but I will be very happy to give up this bad habit when the one-way system is introduced.

    I support any proposals designed to reduce the unnecessary use of residential streets by through-traffic.
    This will help toward health, safety and amenity for residents and pedestrians, bearing in mind the dangers associated with motor traffic: air pollution, noise, danger of collision, stress for pedestrians and cyclists.

    I believe in diverting though traffic as far as possible to a few main routes, even if that means a longer journey.

    These factors are particularly important in Park Grove as there is a Primary School and a school for Physically Disabled children nearby.

    We are fortunate to live in a street which does not have much through traffic. Let’s help residents of other streets also to have that benefit.

    Thank you for your helpful proposals.

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