Implementation of the Downs Parking Review

Stoke RoadThe long-awaited outcome of the statutory exercise for revised parking restrictions on the Downs has been announced by Mark Sperduty – BCC’s Area Manager, Highways.

Following the Statutory Consultation, that closed last May, the Service Director Transport has approved the recommendations of the formal Objection Report, which was that the traffic orders for the scheme should be sealed and brought into operation, subject to the following modifications:

  • Removal of the proposed closure of Roman Road. This will now remain in its current form with no changes to the restrictions on access or parking aside from an extension to the double yellow lines at either end to protect the drop kerbs.
  • Extension of the proposed 4-hour limit to 5 hours, so the limited waiting sections will now be Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm, 5 hour limit, no return in 2 hours.
  • Removal of the proposed Restricted Parking Zone on Circular Road (ie park in marked bays only) to be replaced with the more traditional double yellow lines scheme. This is in effect no change to the proposal in terms of where people can and cannot park and merely relates to how people are informed as to where they can and cannot park.

As a result of this decision, the Council will be looking to start installing these new restrictions during the week commencing 23 November, although this is weather dependent. Initially Highways will be concentrating on installing the single and double yellow line restrictions first (for example on Stoke Road and Downleaze) in order to address the particular concerns over congestion and delays in these areas. The limited waiting bays may take longer to install and become operational when the wooden posts on which the signs will be installed have been delivered.

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4 Responses to Implementation of the Downs Parking Review

  1. Stephanie French says:

    Well it is a start. But will it be “policed” by Parking Services? Few of the double yellow line areas put in to NP3 over recent years – done for safety at junctions – are ever visited by Parking Services, and will it be any different with these new lengths? The same cars are now parked on Stoke Road 24 hrs a day – since the Clifton and Redland RPZs were activated – and we can only assume that they are 2nd cars from Redland and Clifton, so where will they go? I fear that the double yellow line bays will be used by disabled drivers parking. I know they are permitted so to do, but their use by disabled drivers will mean that the narrowness of Stoke Road, and no “passing bays” to help, will continue, to the detriment of free flow for the buses, which was the object of the whole project – getting the No 4 etc. along Stoke Road.

  2. Rob Islington says:

    The Downs are public open space. This is the only green space that some people In the city have access to.

    This whole bus access point feels like a smoke screen. If a vehicle is blocking the road the police will come and remove it these powers already exist. As for restricting disabled drivers – really!?

    The people with these views might do well to remember that they don’t own the Downs, the parking or anything else outside their property.

  3. Sharon Smithen says:

    If there is restrictions on parking on the Downs together with an RPZ for Henelaze that means that we will definitely need an RPZ for Stoke Bishop. The park and ride that goes along Shirehampton Road seems almost empty because outsiders do not want to PE bus fare preferring to park on the Downs and walk. I guess that Stoke Bishop will be the next car park.

  4. Anon says:

    So I thought I’d give my feedback after a few weeks of being on the front line of this (my flat is on Downleaze just before you get to Circular Road). Well, I don’t quite know how the Council have managed it, but after 8 years trouble free parking it is now a nightmare. Firstly they have decided to add double yellows opposite the largest flats so we have had more than a third of our parking taken away with the obvious consequences. Secondly, although they have put all the bays in on Circular road, and theres ample parking provided for dog walkers away from the flats, many of them seem to want to park where the residents park, so now we have both sides of the road parked on during the day with no gaps and people can’t get through. Finally, and I can only think think this is similar to Stephanies observation, there are 2 or 3 cars that I haven’t ever seen before on our road that haven’t moved for 2 weeks. One of the alarms was going off for 2 days solid and the owner was nowhere to be seen. It’s possible they are from an RPZ area and the owners don’t want to pay the charge. If anyone would like to see just what a mess the council have made of things, the evidence is there on google earth street view. Empty streets on street view, walk down there any day of the week now and its an absolute mess. I know what they will say, we’ll make it an RPZ. This will not work and quite frankly I’m not happy about paying £50 to not even solve a problem the council has created. They need to rethink things fast, because what we’re getting now will be visiting the rest of the area soon.

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