Notes for Westbury-on-Trym Forum, 3 February 2016

The Notes from the last WoT Forum, held on 3 February 2016, can be read here: WoT Forum Notes – 3 Feb 2016)  These also include the 5 attachments that were circulated with the Agenda Papers, namely:

Attachment 1 (Page 9): Actions from Previous Forum  WoT Forum Issues (3 Feb 2016)

Attachment 2 (Page 12): Neighbourhood Watch Report  NW Report to Forums, January 2016

Attachment 3 (Page 13): Traffic Choices “Tracker”: Traffic Choices Tracker (Issue 4A)

Attachment 4 (Page 15): Planning issues: Planning Apps Summary – January 2016

Attachment 5 (Page 17): Reports from NP Working Groups: WG Reports – February 2016

The slide show displayed to support each Agenda Item at the Forum can be seen here as a pdf: PowerPoint for Open Forum Feb 2016 (V3)

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