Notes from Westbury-on-Trym & Henleaze Neighbourhood Forum, Wednesday 11 May 2016

Notes from the WoT&Hen Forum, held on 11 May at Red Maids’ School, can be viewed here: WoT&Hen Forum Notes, May 2016

This was the first Neighbourhood Forum for the new Ward of Westbury-on-Trym & Henleaze, following introduction of the revised Ward boundaries, proposed in 2015.

Supporting Papers, tabled prior to the Forum, can be seen here:
Notes from previous Westbury Forum: WoT Forum Notes,  Feb 2016
Notes from the previous Henleaze Forum: Henleaze Forum Notes, Feb 2016
Agenda Item 5, Actions arising from previous Forum: WoT&Hen Forum YSWD Report, May 2016
Agenda Item 6, Dementia Awareness: Dementia Awareness Info
Agenda Item 7, Reports from NP Working Groups: WoT&Hen Forum Group Reports, May 2016
Agenda Item 7, additional Paper, Tree Champion’s Report: Tree Report to May 2016 Forum

The background slide show, displayed during the Forum presentations, can be seen here:  Background slides (V2), May 2016 Forum

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