Notes for Stoke Bishop Open Forum, 1 November 2016

The Notes from the last Stoke Bishop Forum, held on 1 November 2016, can be read here: Stoke Bishop Forum Notes, 1 Nov 2016

The next Stoke Bishop Forum will be held on Tuesday 7 February 2017 at 7.00pm. Venue TBA. The Agenda and any supporting Papers will be posted here approximately one week prior to the Meeting.

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2 Responses to Notes for Stoke Bishop Open Forum, 1 November 2016

  1. Melanie Appleton says:

    I am not sure if this is the correct place to put my concerns but:
    The pretty cherry trees at the bottom of Roman Way are all to be cut down very soon supposedly due to disease. However, the council inform us they are not replacing them. I believe this will considerably reduce the quality of residents environment in what is a very busy road with a lot of traffic. The road is wide and traffic already does far more than the 20 mile an hour limit, reducing trees and making the road appear less residential will certainly not help. In addition the trees help to dampen the noise of the traffic and add a very attractive approach to the road as they flower early and lose their leaves late Autumn. The tree sponsorship scheme mentioned on the councils’ notice does not seem to be operating and I am very concerned at the Councils actions.

  2. Stephanie French says:

    Hi, I am Stephanie French, Neighbourhood Partnership Tree Champion. The trees on Roman Way are diseased and five of them will be felled soon’ish. It is a great shame. Trees do not last for ever. The Neighbourhood Partnerships across Bristol used to have access to devolved funds (part from developers, part from Council grants) and NP3, for whom Trees are a Priority, used to spend quite a bit of this pot of money on Street Trees (the one outside No 2 Roman Way being one such a replacement 2 years ago). But those funds have now been withdrawn from us with no further Council grants and even developers’ funds, “earned” locally, being taken back into the central funds. There will be some more planting of trees on streets in NP3 but that is because the tree planting season is 6 months after the granting of funds. So we’ll see some trees this season (i.e. now) and maybe some next season, but no more afterwards, certainly from what one might call “council money”. This is what we are expecting from the current Budget discussions – if it’s different and better then I’ll be pleasantly surprised.
    To get replacement trees in existing sites in streets now, then I am afraid that the money is going to have to come from residents’ sponsorship, or group sponsorship (e.g. a Neighbourhood Watch or Residents’ Association) or business sponsorship. When trees are felled, if the site is suitable for a tree replacement, then the site is put on the Council Tree Sponsorship page on its website (eventually) and the site becomes available for a sponsored replacement – – and it will cost £295 per tree. This is the cost of the tree and planting it, protecting it with stakes and a guard and ties,and 2 years maintenance afterwards while it becomes established.
    When we know the Budget plans for sure and decide how we in NP3 are going to deal with tree planting with no public funds in the future, then I’ll explain it in detail in an article for this website. Meanwhile – if you want to replace your 5 trees in Roman Way – then somehow the residents will need to find £1475.

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