Notes from Henleaze Open Forum, 3 November 2016

The Notes from the last Henleaze Forum, held on 3 November 2016, can be read here: Henleaze Forum Notes, 3 Nov 2016

The next Henleaze Forum will be held on Thursday 2 February 2017 at 7.00pm – Venue Henleaze Library. The Agenda can be seen here: Henleaze Forum Agenda, Feb 2017

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2 Responses to Notes from Henleaze Open Forum, 3 November 2016

  1. Disabled Driver says:

    I don’t know if this is the correct way to raise a subject – if not could you please let me know how I should go about this? I know this subject has been discussed at forum meetings before, namely the issues of conflict between blue badge holders parking in Cardigan Road, and the Coop delivery lorries. This problem is not going away, and I wonder if a proper solution can be found. Is it possible to make the area a loading bay only for maybe a couple of hours each day, then request that the shop organises its deliveries within that time; the rest of the time it will be an ordinary public road that disabled people can park on if permitted. The current situation clearly does not work, I am a disabled driver who wants to use the shops in Henleaze but am tired of getting abuse for parking there, just as I am sure the store is getting tired of not being able to receive deliveries. It’s always going to be difficult when there are 2 sets of users equally entitled to go about their business but incompatible.
    thank you

    • Alan Aburrow says:

      You are quite correct in as much that this section of Cardigan Road only has a set of double yellow lines and no other restrictions – such as limits for times of loading/unloading. So, technically, this section of road has to be shared by all vehicles that can park there legitimately – Blue Badge holders (by way of a concession) and delivery vehicles who need to deliver/collect from the Co-op store, or other adjacent commercial locations.
      BCC Highways have noted this particular anomaly and it will be addressed the next time that a review of parking restrictions is undertaken in the area.
      The Neighbourhood Partnership has sanctioned a “Henleaze Parking Review” from its devolved budget for Minor Traffic Schemes but this may very well have to be sacrificed as part of BCC’s current budget cut proposals.

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