Westbury Park Area: Proposed Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for Waiting Restrictions

The Council is reviewing the waiting restrictions in the Westbury Park Area in response to concerns expressed locally about inconsiderate and obstructive parking behaviour, which can interfere with the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, interrupt sightlines and create potentially unsafe highway conditions.015-2In order to resolve these problems, the Council is proposing that waiting should be prohibited in the vicinity of junctions and vehicle accesses, around bends and in sections of road which are too narrow to accommodate parked vehicles without impeding the passage of traffic. Also, where existing waiting and loading restrictions are no longer considered to be necessary, it is proposed that they should be removed or relaxed.

Therefore, the Council is formally consulting on its proposals by way of a formal consultation that runs from Thursday 24 November 2016 to Friday 16 December 2016:

All comments and suggestions should be submitted to BCC’s Traffic Management Group before the Consultation’s closing deadline of Friday 16 December 2016. Contact details are given on page 2 of the Notice of Proposal

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