Cairns Road/Coldharbour Road: Revised Crossing Proposal

The Council’s Cycling Ambition Team have initiated an informal consultation with local residents and businesses regarding their proposal to introduce a parallel pedestrian and cyclists crossing, build-outs and a contra-flow cycle lane at the junction of Cairns Road and Coldharbour Road.
Coldharbour CrossingThese are the documents being circulated to near neighbours:
A general arrangement of the proposals (Cairns Road Plan)
A copy of the Consultation Leaflet distributed to local residents and businesses

Details will also be found on the Council’s consultation hub:

The consultation will run for three weeks, from 15 February until 8 March. If residents or businesses wish to comment on the proposals, please direct them to the CAF Team’s email account The Team will record all comments made during the informal consultation.

The CAF Team’s website will be updated with the consultation details and it will be possible to download larger copies of the plans.

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One Response to Cairns Road/Coldharbour Road: Revised Crossing Proposal

  1. Chrissie Decker says:

    That looks like a great plan. It seems like the natural evolution from seeing how people currently use that junction. It will link up two quiet back streets which make a great route for walking and cycling, by providing a safe place to cross. Well done Bristol City Council for such a well thought out design.

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