Bristol’s Street Trees In Crisis (Updated)


This Statement was issued by the Bristol Tree Forum on 9 May 2017 and is for circulation to anyone who might want to use the information and arguments contained therein when they talk to others to plead for some sense to enter into the current debate about the
Cabinet’s proposals to slash the tree budget.

Further details about the Bristol Tree Forum are available via this link.

UPDATE (18 May 2017): At the Cabinet Meeting held on 16 May, the Mayor agreed that the Council would consult on its decision to stop maintaining Bristol’s street trees. This Consultation will take place after the General Election has been held (ie after 8 June 2017). Hopefully this means that the decision will then be reversed, although this is by no means certain.

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2 Responses to Bristol’s Street Trees In Crisis (Updated)

  1. Stephanie French - Tree Champion for Stoke Bishop Westbury and Henleaze on the Tree Forum says:

    Please read the Statement Bristol Tree Forum and respond either directly to the Mayor or to your local Councillor with your views. The latter is probably more effective because at least you know it will be read. Maybe you need to do both? The Statement summarises succinctly what the effects of this short sighted, and in the long term more expensive, policy will be if implemented. So much effort has been put in by the Council, residents and commercial enterprise and the University of Bristol in getting and keeping Bristol’s trees in the last 10 years – and all to be squandered, leaving Bristol as an urban wasteland and an unhealthy and miserable place to live. How have the mighty fallen!

  2. Stephen and Gill Day says:

    We agree. Quality of life is important especially for mental health.

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