Protect Our Parks Petition – Now “Live”

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Bristol City Council’s published budget proposals show that they will stop funding our parks from April 2019, relying instead on revenue generated from parks’ events and other outside sources. Bristol Parks Forum believes this is impossible to achieve in such a short timescale. Therefore, the Bristol Parks Forum have started a Petition –  ‘Protect Our Parks’ – calling on Bristol City Council to withdraw their current budget plan and work with the Parks Forum and others to develop a realistic alternative.

The Petition is now live on the Bristol City Council website:

Bristol City Council’s current  proposal is for the Parks Service to operate on a ‘cost neutral’ basis from April 2019. This means they will stop funding parks – a budget cut of £4.5m.

Unless Bristol Parks find ways to replace all this funding with additional income there is a high risk that there will be a drastic cut in the maintenance of parks that will lead to a downward spiral of reduced use and increased anti-social behaviour as standards fall.

Please add your signature to this online Petition by clicking on the above link.

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2 Responses to Protect Our Parks Petition – Now “Live”

  1. How can you claim we are a Green city then stop funding our parks and open spaces. This is surely what we are paying our high rates for. If the Council is so short of funding stop wasting huge money on barristers to prevent Stoke Lodge land getting TVG Status and use this money more wisely.
    Why spend millions on 20 mile an hour road signs causing more pollution. Our parks are far more important.
    Cut expensive traffic lights and use low maintenance roundabouts to keep the traffic flowing.
    Better still cut the number of senior council staff not the services.

  2. Iain Wray says:

    We are lucky to have so much green space and should maintain this for the community and future generations.

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