Tree Champion’s Report to WoT Community Forum

Unfortunately, our Tree Champion (Stephanie French) is unable to attend our Community Forum on 11 October but she has provided an update on “things trees”:

“Dear Residents

As promised I am seeing through the 2017/2018 tree planting season funded by the old Neighbourhood Partnership during 2016/2017 and twice supported by the NP Committee of Councillors and agreed and promoted by the NP Tree Sub Group of the NP Environment Group.

Since the end of the NP I have had an on site meeting with our “planting trees” Tree Officer as the former one – with whom I had spent hours pacing the streets of BS9 – had left to have  a baby (all went well).

He was enthusiastic and committed and has done a lot of work, reporting back to me several times. He has guaranteed that the promises will be fulfilled as all the work on the Project was done before the axe fell on CIL during the Consultation, and we should see trees planted in Barley Croft in Westbury and in Oakwood Road, West Broadway and Northumbria Drive in Henleaze.

Others are going in to the Sea Mills South part of Stoke Bishop (Dingle Close and The Square) and one replacement in Stoke Lodge Parkland.

So if it all happens without a hitch I shall jump for joy.

But I fear it will be the last street tree you see planted for many a long year other than those which should be planted as part of Section 106 agreement e.g 62 Falcondale Road. I doubt that we shall get much of a say in where those go. They will need to be within a mile of the development giving rise to the need for mitigation, but a mile is an awful long way and may be out of your sight.

If you want to sponsor a tree, either individually or as part of a group or residents of one street, then please get in touch (your Councillors can find me) and I’ll guide you along the pathway.

The Tree Forum (I belong to that still) has been working hard and has managed to get the cost of a replacement street tree back down to £295 (Highways wanted to increase that to £765) at least until the end of the Consultation period and Cabinet decisions. So if you want to sponsor a replacement tree or trees then do it now.

There will also be a further Consultation soon on whether or not you even want to see Street Trees in Bristol i.e. How does Bristol fund the maintenance of its Street Trees? If Bristol cannot find the money then we shall start losing all the big ones in the streets and parks in about 3 – 5 years times as they become unsafe and are felled for “Health and Safety” reasons a la Sheffield.” Please look out for the Consultation. It was due to be out by now but according to the Highways Officer last week has got buried within the Legal Department”.

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