Highlights from Westbury Community Forum, 9 January 2018

Unfortunately, due to sickness, Cllrs Liz Radford and Clare Campion-Smith were unable to attend and so Geoff Gollop was the only councillor in attendance. Apologies were also received from Sgt Calum Allan of Southmead Police station.
Below is a brief résumé of the main points raised during the Meeting, including relevant external links:

  1. Police Update: Although Sgt Allan was unable to attend, he had submitted the Crime Stats for the Westbury & Henleaze Ward. Unfortunately, this was just “raw data” for the whole of 2017 and there were no comparative figures available for the previous 12 month period.
    Burglary is still an issue across Westbury and Henleaze and the Police would encourage all residents to review their security measures and ensure that doors/windows are secured and that security lighting is installed.
    Patrols have been increased in the area as a result of an increase in robberies at local shops and four males have recently been arrested and charged. They are currently on remand in prison, awaiting trial.
    Some of the Neighbourhood Policing Teams are now working from Southmead Fire Station on a regular basis. All of the Teams will move back to North Bristol when a permanent location has been agreed.
  2. Parking Issues: Cllr Gollop advised the Meeting that he is receiving an increasing number of complaints regarding parking issues around Red Maids and St Ursula’s schools. This is in addition to the general increase in parking issues around central Westbury. He reported that traffic enforcement of existing restrictions was limited, as the Council’s available resources were prioritised for the central areas of Bristol. Also, the implementation of any new Traffic Regulation Orders (such had been agreed for Westbury some three years ago) were currently considered “low priority” and “corporate priorities” such as MetroBus, RPS and schemes with time-restricted funding were being prioritised.
  3. Parks Consultation: The Council’s Consultation on Parks and Green Spaces is open until 29 January – https://bristol.citizenspace.com/neighbourhoods/parks-and-green-spaces/ and the Friends of Canford Park are organising a leaflet-drop in the area to encourage residents to take part in the Consultation. Further details and background information can be seen at: http://www.activenp.co.uk/2018/01/parks-green-spaces-consultation-an-overview-from-the-bristol-parks-forum/
  4. Public Toilets: Cllr Gollop confirmed that the current proposal to close all the city’s toilets was unlikely to be reversed. However, exceptions were likely to be those on The Downs (which would be taken over by the Downs Committee) and those by the Suspension Bridge (to be taken over by the Suspension Bridge Trust).
  5. Street Trees: Stephanie French (local “Tree Champion”) confirmed that BCC’s recent proposal to cease maintenance of all street trees was being reconsidered by the Council but she was not hopeful of the outcome. Bristol Tree Forum is still agitating for a realistic tree maintenance policy to be agreed.
  6. Canford Lane Pedestrian Crossing: Nicola Hawkes is still campaigning for a Pedestrian Crossing near the entrance to Canford Crematorium and is encouraging residents to sign the online Petition: http://epetitions.bristol.gov.uk/epetition_core/community/petition/3877
    In support of the campaign, Cllr Mhairi Threlfall (Cabinet member for Transport & Connectivity) will be visiting the site on Monday 19 February at 10am and local residents will be encouraged to be there, as well.
  7. Cribbs Causeway Developments and the A4018: any funding for traffic mitigation works on the A4018 (from Cribbs Causeway to the White Tree roundabout) will be totally dependent on contributions from South Gloucester Council (SGC), as the whole development was outside the City boundary. Joint traffic modelling studies by BCC and SGC were still ongoing and no final proposals were yet “on the table”. The pinch point is the volume of traffic currently using the Old Crow Roundabout – even without any additional traffic volumes arising from the Cribbs Causeway development. It is feared that the whole length of Passage Road/Falcondale Road/Westbury Road will include both in and out-bound bus lanes, at the expense of rat-running in all the nearby roads – including Westbury village.
  8. Electoral Roll Registration: The Council has recently mounted a publicity campaign to remind all residents to ensure that they are registered to vote. It is a simple process and there is also a legal requirement to be registered. The easiest way is to apply online: www.gov.uk/register-to-vote
  9. Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 17 April 2018 at Coombe Dingle Sports Complex (Old Pavilion), Coombe Lane, BS9 2BJ – commencing at 7.00pm.

The slide show displayed at the Forum can be seen here: Forum Slide Show (9 Jan 2018)


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