Next Stoke Bishop & Sea Mills Ward Forum, September 2018

We are looking to arrange the next Forum meeting in September, in Sea Mills, if possible.
This webpage will be updated when the date and venue have been confirmed.
Possible topics:
1  Police report, including the new police station in Southmead
2  Parking issues
3  Use of CIL funds for small local improvements
4  The future of Stoke Lodge following the recent Judicial Review
5  Student accommodation at Stoke Bishop campus

In addition there would be updates from our Councillors on various Council matters and the Downs, plus of course any topics that local people have put on the agenda.

Forum meetings are run voluntarily by the former Neighbourhood Partnership reps from Stoke Bishop and Sea Mills.  The feedback we are getting is that these meetings are worthwhile. They are a good way for people living in Stoke Bishop and Sea Mills to find out what’s going on locally and to make their voice heard.  Both our Councillors say they value coming to Forum meetings, as a way to hear and speak with their constituents.

A number of our representatives now want to step down.  TO CONTINUE THE FORUMS WE NOW NEED SOME NEW BLOOD!  Would you please consider joining those of us who want to continue the Forums in future.  If you are willing to join as a representative please e-mail Roger Gamlin  or Peter Weeks ahead of our next Meeting.

Roger Gamlin & Peter Weeks

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