At Last – A Consultation on Proposed Improvements to the A4018

As many of you will be aware, BCC have been developing proposals to make improvements to the A4018 corridor – particularly to pre-empt the predicted increased traffic levels that will result from construction of the Cribbs-Patchway New Neighbourhood (CPNN) development on the former Filton Airfield site.  The current mitigation proposals cover the A4018 from Crow Lane to Blackboy Hill and include a selection of bus lanes, improved traffic signal junctions and circulatory changes in Westbury Village to address rat-running.

BCC have prepared a leaflet that outlines their plans, almost 5,000 of which were reportedly delivered to properties either side of the route in early February.

The non-statutory consultation runs from Monday 4 February to Sunday 17 March 2019. BCC’s overview, with a link to submit online comments, is available on their Consultation Hub  website.

UPDATE (9 February 2019): The A4018 Project Team have now released their FAQ document. Enjoy reading!

Remaining drop-in sessions for the public to speak to BCC’s Highways Team:
Saturday 23 February 11:15am-3:45pm
Venue changed to Henbury and Brentry Community Centre, Machin Road, BS10 7HG
Wednesday 27 February 2:15pm-6:45pm
Venue changed to Henbury and Brentry Community Centre, Machin Road, BS10 7HG
Monday 4 March 2:15pm-6:45pm
Venue changed to Westbury Methodist Church, 46 Westbury Hill, BS9 3AA

These mitigation proposals have been in the making for at least the last 6 years and, as a consequence, any proposals put forward by the (now defunct) local Neighbourhood Partnership for possible minor traffic schemes along the A4018 around Westbury (Falcondale Road/Passage Road etc) were put on ice by BCC’s Highways function. A list of these ex-NP’s proposed schemes (as at March 2017) can be seen here:  CPNN Issues (Final).

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22 Responses to At Last – A Consultation on Proposed Improvements to the A4018

  1. Samantha Jackson says:

    This will not ease but worsen the traffic on crow lane unless the bus lane running near the rugby club is opened for all needing to travel to station road (residents of greenlands way etc). The roundabout near the old crow is currently over used by these residents especially, who have to turn around to come back up in order to get home. By putting a junction here you will simply be forcing more traffic along crow lane (blaise primary) and cause extra traffic build up the other end which is already a cause for concern as it is in such close proximity to the school and already heavy and queuing at school times/rush hours particularly. The only other alternative will be pushing cars down standfast road which is narrow and often impassable due to cars coming in both directions and neither sides able to give way due to parked cars. For me, the only logical way this can work is to open the bus lane for access only, alleviating traffic build up and potential increase in accidents.


  2. Danielle says:

    Please please can you include more crossings down Canford Lane as we’ve campaign ed for in these proposals . I can’t believe this has been ignored again. An old lady died last year and my elderly mother has to call me to accompany her across the road as she can’t cross herself. We need one by the cemetery and one further down by the dingle.

  3. Daisy jones says:

    This is a joke how is this going to help people apart from make more congestion, less people coming to the village so more shops closing down! People are going to struggle even more doing school runs! It is hard enough trying to get to work on a morning if people can’t go through the village then places like Southmead double round about are going to be even more congested and even crow lane roundabout. Roads aren’t the best as they are but to do this would cause absolute mayhem and not to be rude but a lot of the villagers around her are elderly and to change the roads etc would confuse them! I accept we need more crossings but the rest is a pure joke and I think you will find a lot of people feel the same and oppose to these plans.

  4. Malcolm Davies says:

    1) How will ambulances, patients and visitors get to St. Peter’s Hospice if they can’t turn right from Passage Rd. into Charlton Rd. nor turn right from Passage Rd. into Knole Lane?
    2) If Stoke Lane is closed off before reaching the War Memorial won’t this give rise a major increase of traffic turning right into Cambridge Crescent, already a narrow residential road?
    3) The proposed 24 hour bus lane on Falcondale Rd. is opposite the garage where cars turn right for fuel, thus all traffic, except buses will be held up whilst one car makes this manoeuvre.

  5. Rosie Beresford says:

    Aside from the utterly ridiculous situation this will put residents of Westbury and Stoke Bishop in, have you thought about how traffic from Southmead would now get to Stoke Bishop, Westbury, Sea Mills and even Cribbs Causeway? Traffic such as ambulances?!

  6. Duncan McCarthy says:

    This proposal looks terrible for residents, for the local village businesses and for local traffic. It’s hard to see any benefit, and extremely easy to see the many flaws.
    It’s half-baked too – there are numerous roads that now appear to become entirely inaccessible as a result of this ridiculous proposal. We will be sending in detailed written feedback and taking it up with our local councillors.

  7. Jody Keyser says:

    Most of these proposals look like they are going to add to congestion and be of detriment to the local businesses in Westbury-on-trym and Stoke lane in particular. Also concerned over the fact that it will restrict the obvious routes to Sea Mills and Stoke Bishop.

    The right turn into Charton road never gets congested (if you’re making this for buses only does this mean we are going to see an increase in bus traffic on Charlton road?), and with not being able to turn right into Charlton road or Knowle lane it would force more traffic on Greystoke Avenue (which I think would struggle with the increase) and Concorde drive. With the school and the Driver’s test centre on Concorde drive, it already becomes congested and at all other times it gets treated like a race track (despite the 20 speed limit) due to the lack of traffic calming measures. Increasing the volume of traffic on Concorde will make it increasingly dangerous for pedestrians (most of who are the elderly or school children on that section of road). Furthermore it’s already difficult to turn right onto gray stoke avenue from Concorde drive during peak traffic times – I can only see this getting worse with these new proposals.

    Bus lanes could work if you can get the width, but until we can actually get a reliable bus service provider I still don’t see myself having any confidence in using public transport again (there’s no way that the appalling service can be blamed solely on congestion – we hear of things like lack of driver cover etc.). I mean does the council have any SLAs in place with these providers (and are they monitored)? Let alone the new electronic ticketing systems they have in place (no where near as efficient as Oyster).

    The bus only right turn at the roundabout by the rugby club seems to be the primary cause of congestion on the crow lane roundabout so I think this needs a serious rethink.

    A few positives though, in particular having signal controlled crossing at the junction with Westbury hill. That junction has never been really safe, both for pedestrians and crossing traffic. Would have been good to see at least a pelican crossing between the bus stops up towards Brecon road. A lot of school children around there who may want to catch the bus.

    The cycle/mixed purpose lanes will be welcome as well.

  8. Karen Tindall says:

    If this proposal is adopted, if I want to travel from the Methodist church to Henbury Hill, I will have to do a dangerous right turn from Canford Lane into Falcondale Road. There is no green filter at this junction. I have avoided this dangerous turning for the past 12 years.
    I can’t really see how this plan is going to improve anything. It will just put more people off visiting Westbury.
    I wholeheartedly suppport a crossing by Westbury School – It is currently an accident waiting to happen.

    • Karen Tindall says:

      Have just looked at the plan for Falcondale Road. I will have to travel around in a huge loop to get from the Methodist Church to Henbury Hill as I won’t actually be able to do a right turn from Canford Lane onto Falcondale Rd.
      Has whoever came up with this plan actually ever visited Westbury? I suspect not!

  9. Katie fuge says:

    I think this will be disastrous for both Westbury village businesses and falcondale rd. You can’t drive through the village from one car park to the other, so if whichever one you arrive at is full, people will just give up and go elsewhere rather than finding a convoluted route to avoid the bus lanes. Falcondale rd is busy already. If the traffic is down to one lane because of the bus lanes and people can’t turn off to find alternative routes then it will simply be a massive, slow moving, polluting queue constantly, which benefits no-one.

  10. Robert Murphy says:

    When can we get details of the proposed changes to Canford Lane/Canford Road junction? The tiny illustration in the brochure appears to show the bus stop very close to the traffic lights? Access to and Egress from the properties will be very difficult and hazardous due to traffic queuing at the lights and other traffic coming around the corner.
    Has anyone considered the Wessex water stormwater tank and monitoring equipment located close to this junction? There are also issues regarding road levels, footpath levels and road camber. I will be happy to carry out an assessment if you care to let me have scale drawings of your proposals for this area.

  11. Venita Vicary says:

    These proposals will not help the local residents or shopping centres at all. In fact it pushes the bulk of the traffic onto one way system side roads which increases that barely cope at present. Double yellow lines around Canford Park only increases the problems with access issues for the disabled and young mothers with children.
    In addition, First Bus has been highly criticised lately for poor service and high fares so what makes the council think people will actually use the services into the City Centre. The only time we had a decent bus service with £1 rides was when they had competition from Wessex. The Westbury shops are struggling to survive and this could be the death toll for the village,

  12. Mr & Mrs Gordon Lindsay says:

    What a dog’s dinner as usual from BCC. Someone coming out of the city trying to visit St Peter’s Hospice will have to go all the way to the top of Cribbs Causeway and back if they don’t know to turn into Greystoke Avenue. The no right turn into Charlton Road will force an increase in traffic on Concorde drive past the free school. This proposal may speed traffic from South Glos into Bristol City Centre but it will force a lot more local traffic into new rat runs on side roads. Not being able to actually go through Westbury without going out to Falcondale and back is ridiculous.

  13. Andrew Nunn says:

    After looking at the proposed plans for improvements to A4018 I am a little perplexed as to who actually came up with some of these proposed changes. Whilst I can see merit in the changes regarding additional pedestrian crossings and footpath improvements, I agree that these changes will help pedestrians in the future and hopefully encourage more to walk; however there are many other changes that are counterproductive to improve traffic movement in the area. Several road junction changes which I list below will cause utter chaos, additional frustrations and utter confusion to many motorists. The changes to the village road layout will surely mean even greater loss of trade and more businesses to close. Others will comment more on this no doubt.
    1. The proposed no right turn (buses only) into Charlton Road. How do health workers, staff and visitors coming from the City gain access to Westbury Fields, Bristol Academy School and St Peter’s Hospice without a substantial detour. The only way I can see to achieve this is that they will need to turn right into Greystoke Avenue, then left into Concorde Drive and travel to the end, then turn left back into Charlton Road to reach their destination. Concorde Drive is already congested with parked cars from the school and city workers parking to take a bus into town. Plus all the learner drivers practicing their three point turns before taking their tests at the Driving Centre. Whilst there is access to both Westbury Fields and the school from Greystoke Avenue it is not possible for vehicles to get to the north side of the Westbury Fields site unless they drive over the cricket pitch. I assume that the buses only right hand turn into Charlton Road will not apply to ambulances and taxis.
    2. The changes to Crow Lane roundabout. The removal and replacement with traffic lights might reduce some of the long queues that build up at peak times especial from Cribb’s Causeway, however this will only mean that those cars which move through that current bottle-neck will arrive a little bit quicker into the back of traffic already queuing at the Brentry Hill/Henbury Road junction and even if the proposed reconfiguration of the traffic lights at this junction the cars will be squeezed into the single lane by M & S local. I like the artist’s impression in the Travelwests brochure we received in the post of how the changes to the Crow Lane junction will look when finished. I cannot imagine that this junction will ever become so devoid of traffic as shown. Again at Crow Lane we will now have a further no right turn into Knole Lane so residents living on this road and roads that feed off it when coming from the city have a problem. We will then see that traffic which previously was able to go round into Knole Lane turning left into Crow Lane and then doing a U turn somewhere along Crow Lane to then go straight over the junction back into Knole Lane. The only other alternative will be for that traffic to carry on towards Clifton Rugby Club and go round the roundabout and come back up to the Crow Lane junction to turn left. Knowing human nature I know what the majority of drivers will do, they always take the shortest route available. It is suggested that everyone’s individual route would depend on the exact start and end points of their journey. Well these decisions will mean extended journeys to reach their homes therefore creating addition pollution.
    3. The widening of the central reservation on Passage Road: Why? When the proposed bus lane is put in do you propose to remove some of the footpaths either side? As any further reduction in the width of the single track road alongside the bus lane will be greatly reduced if the central reservation is widened. Also if this central reservation with extra planting is left to go like the ones in Whiteladies Road it will become a complete mess and unsightly eyesore.
    I do appreciate that improvements to the A4018 are desperately needed however this proposal will not improve the situation. We all know that car movements within the city and the suburbs desperately need to be reduced and that people should to be encouraged to take the bus, walk or cycle. The buses are not under the control of BCC so a reliable bus service is down to the current provider being First Bus and as I have experienced on many occasions they can be very unreliable even during non-commuter periods.

  14. Andrew Nunn says:

    The meeting at Westbury Library on Saturday to show these proposals was waste of time.

  15. Martin Rodaway says:

    The proposals are unfit for purpose and will result in the destruction of the community of Westbury on Trym and the local shops/services which already struggle to survive with competition from Cribbs Causeway and Amazon. The proposed traffic solutions for Henbury, Brentry and Westbury Village are absurd and will cause rat runs. In particular they will split the village of Westbury on Trym in two and chaos will ensue where access is restricted creating chaos in Southfield Road, Lampeter Road, Cambridge Crescent and Westbury Court Road.
    Every other city is looking at ways to reduce congestion/pollution. Why are we required to make changes to our fragile infrastructure to accommodate increased traffic from a new development at Filton Airfield? Should not the developers be required to come up with a sustainable strategy and finance for alternative routes and solutions as part of the planning agreement e.g Park & Ride/Metro/Train connected to existing Henbury Loop in order to mitigate the additional traffic.
    As a resident living on the A4018 the following is apparent:
    a) Since The Mall opened at Cribbs Causeway traffic has increased exponentially on a road system designed circa 1930.
    a) At commuting times most cars contain only the driver.
    b)When schools are closed traffic reduces dramatically.
    These problems could be mitigated by creating a Park & Ride at Cribbs Causeway and introducing bus lane from Cribbs Causeway to Blackboy Hill. Depending on traffic demand the bus lane could maybe also allow cars but only if they had passengers- i.e. ” 2 plus lanes”. This would only operate from 7am to 9am. This would have the effect of encouraging car share schemes and flexi working hours to avoid peak times for an easier commute. The road would revert to existing arrangements outside peak times. Subsidised school buses should be considered to reduce the “school run” problem.

  16. Hilary Long says:

    The absurdities of this whole scheme really beggar description. One can only conclude that it has been drawn up as a desk top study using google maps and by people who have never visited Westbury and Brentry and Henbury-leave alone ever lived here.
    The Westbury on Tym Society has made repeated attempts to get better traffic systems during the earlier part of this Millennium-repudiated each time by Highways as too expensive.
    Now the whole village-not just the centre-is crammed with commuter parking all day long as a result of it all being decanted from the Downs and Redland and the University refuses to bring in any rules for students using the roads for term time car parks for largely unused cars as they have special buses! Our own schools are expanding and parents increasingly using the narrow roads for waiting when collecting children.
    Onto this mayhem they are intending to impose a ‘board game’ for local residents -presumably to stop us moving about our own area completely!
    When the City planners were consulting on the new Bristol Core Strategy for multiple new housing areas and infill in 2008-9, and many others asked for a Park and Ride at Cribbs Causeway to relieve the potential congestion when all the building began under S Gloucestershire’s plans to push all of its housing allocation against our borders. The answer we got was-wait for it- Bristol cannot do anything about that- it is the responsibility of another ruling authority! Who gives these people their jobs? The only way for our medieval to 1930’s road system to cope at all is to REDUCE the traffic not open up spaces for more to come in. WE NEED a HUGE PARK AND RIDE AT FILTON AIRSTRIP AND A CONGESTION CHARGE starting at Cribbs Cause way for incoming traffic.. Perhaps a march on Westminster might get the message over? I will be speaking to our MP. our Cllrs and above all Steve Riley and his team on behalf of the Society and Westbury without delay!

  17. B C says:

    Absolutely prioritising out of town traffic/commuters over the needs of local residents. Dividing communities and ( I suspect) severely impacting on local shops/post office.
    Please consider that most people have sat-navs these days – especially those who do not live locally – and will still look to deviate away from the main (passage road/falcondale road) route that you are trying to force them to stay on. The main omission is mention of Park and Ride. I repeat … to ease the congestion issues we need Park and Ride facilities on the outskirts of Cribbs. And sensible public transport options. If you have a 24 hour bus lane, make sure that buses are running regular throughout those hours to use it.
    Also… forget the planting. Use this space to facilitate the extra bus/bike lanes etc.

  18. C C says:

    It is interesting to note that the proposal seems based solely the traffic flow figures for junction usage at times of the rush hour (i.e. 8-9am and 4-5pm).

    Well, as a local resident trying to use my local resources I (like many others, I imagine) deliberately avoid the gridlock of rush hour. How are my needs and other non commuters going to be serviced by these plans?

    Oh, needless detours, through needless traffic lights, with increased stop and start and greater pollution!

    Surely we should await the Councils plans to meet Clean Air Standards before messing around with road changes.

    I agree that the solution needs to include a big park and ride at Cribbs Causeway and a Road Toll on all incoming traffic at Crow Lane Roundabout between 7-9am.

    We need less car journeys not better flowing roads.

    We also need residents parking in Westbury on Trym to stop student and commuter parking now they can’t use the Downs (unless they live in vans)

    All cycle lanes should be marked with solid lines as opposed to hatched lines or else they will be just be used for parking as on Parrys Lane and be a complete waste of money.

    I fear the suburbs are being squeezed out i favour of the needs of commuters, City Centre Businesses and the University.

  19. Aud says:

    These proposals seems to be mostly as a result of the housing being built in South Gloucestershire council on the old Filton airport. What id like to know is what infrastructure changes are they building in to the housing develop itself to mitigate all these extra people, what are they doing to make public transport more appealing then using a car, eg Patchway train station, park and ride, cheap bus costs etc But if they do have to drive have you considered he future eg are electric points being built into each house
    What happened to the trial that took place in Avonmouth re the SevernNet Buzz MODLE (The Mobility on Demand Laboratory Environment) will develop, test, and refine a new transport service that combines the convenience of point-to-point journeys with the environmental and cost benefits of shared use. (
    Are both councils working in partnership together to find a solution?

  20. Rodger Waite says:

    A properly thought out, accessible and affordable park and ride service from Filton/cribbs to whiteladies Rd would solve a lot of these perceived issues of increased traffic, and use of a peak hours bus lane combined with a ‘+2’ lane or similar would be more workable solution. That is all that is needed.
    Attempting to prevent traffic leaving/joining/ crossing the main drag in from j17 is utter madness and will just kill off local businesses who rely on local movements and accessibility, and additionally will lead to more traffic using minor/residential roads in an attempt to get from A to B locally.
    The proposals put forward for westbury village clearly set the priorities as – buses, cycles, taxis and through traffic. No mention of local residents. So, what about local residents, shoppers, workers and other users of the village? If people can’t get to, move around and park in the village, then they will abandon it in favour of large out of town retail (eg cribbs causeway) Result – death of the local village community and increase in traffic using the very route they seek to streamline!

  21. Both the mayors the Bristol City mayor, for accepting this plan, and the Metro mayor
    for allowing W.E.C.A. to come up such a rubbish idea for a traffic plan for this area.
    The blame should be equally shared for this fiasco. Remember this at election time.

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