Statutory Consultation – Proposed New Waiting Restrictions around Westbury

At long last, BCC has announced that the previous local consultation, which closed in August 2015, has now progressed to the formal Statutory Consultation stage for the requisite Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to be adopted  for additional, long-overdue, parking restrictions in and around Westbury Village.

However, it should be noted that these latest proposals are based on the results of the feedback from the previous informal consultation in 2015 (funded from the NP’s devolved budget). Therefore, residents should resist the temptation to drastically change these latest proposals. If that was to happen, it is likely that BCC would have to abandon these current proposals and go back to square one, to start the whole process all over again!
In short, be careful what you wish for and, basically, take what’s on offer and only propose minor “tweaks” – if any at all. You have been warned – a bird in the hand etc etc

The consultation runs from Thursday 2 May until Wednesday 29 May. Full details are given in the following links to BCC documents:

Statement of Reasons
Notice of Proposal
Draft Order
Proposed New Waiting Restrictions (1)
Proposed New Waiting Restrictions (2)
Existing Waiting Restrictions (1)
Existing Waiting Restrictions (2)

The Notice of Proposals details how to object to any of the proposals.

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One Response to Statutory Consultation – Proposed New Waiting Restrictions around Westbury

  1. Ian Duxbury says:

    I must object to putting new Parking restrictions at the top of Westbury Hill outside IVY LODGE as these are used by people living in the lodge when all the parking slots are used behind the lodge.

    Removing the parking there removes a natural traffic calming measure- buses and cars will whizz up and down without needing to slow for oncoming traffic. It’s hazardous enough to cross and rush hours now without the natural slowing of traffic.

    If you do put restrictions up on the hill then i strongly suggest you put some speed barriers in the road to SLOW the traffic down coming round the Blind bend. As you don’t know that traffic builds up looking to turn right into Walters Lane or Westbury Carpark. Many accidents have happened because of cars going to fast. You could also ban any right turn into Walters Lane and the Car Park on Westbury Hill.


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