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Due to the financial pressures facing Bristol City Council, the 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships (NPs) across the city will no longer be supported by the Council and it is anticipated that all support will cease by the end of the current Financial Year (ie March 2018). In the interim period, a small number of staff will be retained to support a controlled transition to community-led organisations. Inevitably, these successor organisations will be different across the City – based on need and the availability of local volunteers.

Going forward, it is intended to continue to hold individual local Forums in Stoke Bishop, Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze on a quarterly basis, so that local residents and representatives from local organisations can meet with their local councillors.

During this transitional period, our two Wards will retain the services of a Neighbourhood Coordinator but no longer have the additional support of a Neighbourhood Officer.

Neighbourhood Coordinator:
Recently, with the current maelstrom of reorganisation, we have lost the services of Neighbourhood Coordinator Andrew McGrath – after five years of diligent service. For as long as the NP Machine is in “wind down mode” we are pleased to announce that Abdulrazak Dahir has stepped up to the plate as our Neighbourhood Coordinator to support us to the end.
However, Abdulrazak’s time is very limited – as he will be supporting other NPs that are in more need than ours!

Abdulrazak’s contact details are:
email: abdulrazak.dahir@bristol.gov.uk
phone: 0117 903 6409
mobile: 0781 0506909

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