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  1. Justin Ogilvie says:

    I was directed to this site by Robert Grieves, Principal Officer for Highways & Traffic at BCC. I had originally contacted BCC to request a pedestrian crossing at the top of Henbury Road, but he said that requests had to come through the Henleaze, Stoke Bishop and Westbury-on-Trym Neighbourhood Partnership.

    The reason for the request is that there are a large number of elderly residents and children now living in Hyland Grove who need to be able to cross the extremely busy Henbury Road to get down the hill, as there is no pavement on the west side of the very dark, steep corner as the crest of the hill is approached (coming up from Falcondale Road). I see this as a particularly dangerous point (ie crossing from the exit of Hyland Grove to the other side of Henbury Road), as pedestrians cannot see clearly cars coming over the top of the hill or cars approaching up the hill around the bend, some of home come at great speed.

    Children are, I believe, especially vulnerable in this situation, as they are often walking to or from school on their own and will cross the road where it is most convenient to them. If a pedestrian crossing was installed then they would have a focus to use.

    The safest point for a pedestrian crossing would, I feel, be just north of the exit of Northover Road.

    I would be grateful to hear your thoughts after you have been able to examine the crossing in question.

    Many thanks

    Justin Ogilvie
    Resident, Hyland Grove, Westbury-on-Trym

    • Alan Aburrow says:

      Thank you for raising your concerns.

      I hear your plea and will add it to the ever-growing list of “Highway Issues” to be reviewed and prioritised by the NP’s Transport Working Group. However, please don’t hold your breath expecting immediate action. Have a look at all the other “Issues” that are in the prioritisation queue expecting bottomless funding from BCC, via the NP’s very meagre annual budget for Minor Traffic Schemes:

      It may very well be that siting a formal pedestrian crossing at the brow of the hill is totally impractical and, if too far removed from Hyland Grove, it could well be ignored by the pedestrians it is intended to help. In that case, pedestrians will choose to cross the road at the point most convenient for them – as they obviously do now!

      A cheaper alternative may be to provide a footway on the section of Henbury Road that passes Hyland Grove.

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