Due to the uncertain future of NPs (and the Working Groups in particular) following the Mayor’s recent budget proposals, the Environment Group Meeting originally scheduled for 27 April 2017 has been cancelled.
If and when any devolved funding is made available to the Wards, then the necessity to reconvene any of the NP3 Working Groups will need to be evaluated. Meanwhile, the three local Neighbourhood Forums will continue in one form or another for the time being.

For more information about funding new and replacement street trees, follow this link but this process may very well be suspended or abolished in view of the Council’s budget proposals. Please read Bristol’s Street Trees in Crisis

Street Trees (3)

BCC’s Trial for Glyphosate-free Weed Treatment: Outcome Report

Weeds, Chelsey Road

Japanese Knotweed


Notes from previous Environment Group Meetings can be accessed from the links below:

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