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  1. Mrs Louise Neale says:

    Hello i live in BS9 and every morning I walk my child to school and cross at the end of Northover Rd
    No we dont use the pelican crossing further up due to the fact that yes the cars stop BUT then the children have to cross on a blind fast corner Charlton Rd end to get to the school(which as you know is used as a cut through road)
    As the school grows so will the pupils and its an accident waiting to happen. Most of us cross which is safer even local dog walkers and the elderly and cyclists at the Island crossing at the end of North over Rd because of this problem
    Cars dont always stop and Falcondale road (A4018) is getting very busy and the cars seem to go faster. They pull out of the cut through North Over road (which on the right as you pull out the sight isnt clear as a tree blocks part of the view) and they go across and turn onto Charlton road, (which to turn right most mornings has a que of cars blocking main road im surprized no one has gone up the back of anyone yet at the speed most of them are going) cars come and go and your trying to judge when its safe to cross and to confuse the situation the pelican crossing further up stops in two halves, even ive made the mistake YET A CHILD ON THEIR OWN.
    Thats why not only myself but i know of other parents that walk their secondary school children to school ( poor embarressed children having to hold parents hands at that age in front of other children) BUT if thats what it takes for piece of mind knowing that my child is safe coming and going from school so be it. So please can we have a crossing of some sort for the children to safely cross at the end of Northover road where the Island is before someone gets hurt on Charlton road or on the busy A4018 AS I BELIEVE IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME
    With Great Concern

    • Alan Aburrow says:

      Thank you for raising this particular issue with the Neighbourhood Partnership.

      If it is any consolation, you are the first person to bring this matter to the attention of the Neighbourhood Partnership and, possibly, the first to bring it to the notice of Bristol City Council.

      However, “an accident waiting to happen” is an empty and unquantified emotive expression which has no substance. The fact that an accident has not happened is surely an indication that pedestrians and drivers are respecting each other’s space at this particular location?

      I can perhaps understand that you do not wish to walk a few metres further up the road to avail yourself of the, inherently safer, light-controlled crossing point but that is your choice. The point at which you prefer to cross Passage Road is laid out with dropped kerbs and a central pedestrian refuge, thereby allowing the road to be crossed in two separate stages.

      There are no immediate plans to improve this section of Passage Road because there are no accident statistics or traffic surveys to indicate the need for any physical changes.

      However, having said that, the whole length of the A4018 corridor from Cribbs Causeway into Bristol is currently subject to close scrutiny by BCC’s highway engineers in order to improve traffic flow and minimise congestion arising from the proposed large scale housing development at South Gloucestershire’s “Cribbs/Patchway New Neighbourhood” (CPNN) development.

      Any mitigation measures arising from the CPNN development could well include changes at the Northover Road and Charlton Road junctions.

  2. Mrs Louise Neale says:

    Thank you for your response If you cross by the pellican crossing There is NO PAVEMENT on the other side of the Charlton rd side where pupils and public have to cross just a bollard which is at the start of Charlton Rd on THE BLIND CORNER Hence why people cross at the Island crossing as its safer Not because we are lazy and dont want to walk the few metres further up
    cars in both directions break the speed limit as two lanes go into one and people turn right and people get in the wrong lane and speed to over take
    My title page heading got the attention but unfortunatly due to satistics the council go on I see i have a fight on my hands so to speak Please go and see for yourself walk the route cross the road Seeing as you seem to lack fully the understanding of the issue I would be prepared to meet one of your personnal at the junction so i can show and fully explain the problem
    Kindest Regards
    Mrs Neale

  3. Mrs Louise Neale says:

    Well Alan Aburrow and I met ( we just about missed the rain) Alan walked with me and listened and he even came up with soulutions. The junction will be hopefully looked at as part of the whole A4018 But any improvements will not happen over night
    Alan Aburrow is a lovely guy who really has Westbury in his heart He is honest,caring and a down to earth guy who i would sit down and shout him a cup of tea and a sticky bun Thank you Alan for listening and taking time out for a BS9 resident

  4. Paul Gallen says:

    Thanks for all the commitment shown by the Neighbourhood Partnership team in supporting the community and environment in our area.
    I regularly coach a junior football team at Stoke Lodge through much of the year on a Saturday morning and the children appreciate the opportunity to use their energy constructively, have fun and develop sporting values.
    We open the changing rooms during these sessions, so that the “facilities” can be used when necessary, as is FA policy when a match is being played. The changing rooms are not in a good state, especially the roof which is torn and damaged in many places.
    I see in the notes and minutes that it has been suggested that Section 106 revenue could be used for this, and other purposes, including improvement of sports provision. How can we move this forwards?

  5. Alan Aburrow says:

    Thank you for recognising the valuable work done by the Neighbourhood Partnership.

    With regard to the particular issue of the changing rooms on Stoke Lodge Parkland we agree that they are not fit for purpose and are in need of refurbishment.

    This matter was raised and reviewed at a recent meeting of the Environment Working Group, where it was highlighted that: –

    a. Stoke Lodge Parkland is owned by Bristol City Council

    b. The pitches and grassland, including the changing rooms, are leased to Cotham Academy until the year 2136

    c. Cotham Academy share your view, and responsibility, that the changing rooms need refurbishment

    d. Cotham Academy have confirmed that they have the funds available to undertake this work

    e. The Environment Working Group also expressed other concerns regarding funding this project from any devolved funds including Section 106 funding

    f. The changing rooms are not generally accessible to the community – but only on payment, unlike the pitches and cricket square

    g. The estimated costs of refurbishment far exceed the available S106 funding

    We would, therefore, suggest that you approach Cotham Academy to add your support and request an update from them.

  6. Sue says:

    City Wide 20mph Enforcement:-
    On several occasions, during Forum meetings, representatives of Avon and Somerset Police confirmed they would not enforce the lower speed restriction if/when it came into force. However, Officers later qualified their position as “only where there were genuine safety issues through non-compliance”.
    This no-longer appears to be the case, following recent convictions associated with the 20mph limit on Ladies Mile.
    Equally, at approximately 12.30pm on Friday 27th February, a Stapleton Resident spotted a Police Speed Camera Van concealed within a lay-by at the top of Bell Hill/Park Road (B4058).
    Rarely seen at this location, it was still there at 3.30pm, long after covers concealing newly positioned 20mph signs throughout this busy road, had been removed.
    Obviously until a TRO is in place, new traffic restrictions are unenforceable but if anyone were to be issued with a (20mph) speeding ticket in these early days of changeover, it would in my opinion be a gross betrayal of trust that will only alienate those who may have previously supported this scheme.

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