Older People

This Working Group aims to promote the health, wellbeing and quality of life of older people within the NP area.

Last July, three Dial-A-Ride buses full of elderly people were taken to Chew Valley. It was a gloriously sunny day and a good time was enjoyed by all. Unfortunately, a few were unable to attend due to ill health, but in total there were 41 on the day. There was a stop for coffee (and cake!) at the Chew Valley teashop before having a tour of the area around the lake – stopping twice to enjoy the wildlife and to feed the birds with seed.

The trip then moved on to Woodford Lodge where a two-course lunch was taken, followed by a walk outside and sitting in the sun overlooking the lake before returning to the buses and home. Working Group Members received several letters and lots of thanks! Participants said “you do not realise how much this means to us, just to get out of our homes and meet people and see the countryside”.

It was a lot of work and several headaches – but that makes it all worthwhile! It is hoped to do another trip in November/December. However, at present the Working Group is down in numbers but this is currently being addressed. Members of the Working Group wish to extend their thanks to Andrew McGrath, who has been a great help with printing and publicity for the trips and to continued financial support through the NP’s Local Community Small Grants (aka the “Wellbeing Fund”).

The WGOP welcomes volunteers who may be willing to help with this group in any way. Please contact Sue Boyd, Val Bishop, Glenise Morgan, Gay Huggins or Wendy Hull through Andrew McGrath, NP Area Coordinator, on Tel 9036436.

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